When Is Caribbean Hurricane Season

So many hard feelings about the Caribbean city due to the constant hurricane season, the terrible climate known as Hurricane have left lots of mind disturbing thought.

Those that would have loved to take a tour around Caribbean city, getting these horrible stories, news and disturbing information about the Hurricane season, it is something even you would want to worry about.

Questions like this have surfaced all-round the net. How do people live here in the Caribbean during hurricane season? Do people even visit here at all? “I can’t be at such a place with my family where climate changes at any time, leaving everyone in a state of worry, instead of a fun time we are supposed to having, getting me in a position to look for a safe place for me and my family”.
It will shock you to know that lots of tourists still visit here.

Information about the Caribbean cities is a bit enormous, this is because people have had an encounter with the hurricane season, and they felt really scared.

People fail to check out facts about a particular place before embarking or choosing a trip location. There are lots of lovely facts about the Caribean you have not found out.

What scares people most is the hurricane, it is said that the hurricane season can start at any time that information is false.
Check out what you need to know about Caribbean city and the hurricane season, Though it is of high risk when it gets to the period of Hurricane, the hurricanes don’t affect all parts of the Caribbean, even though it affects some parts of the southern Bahamas and small parts of the big regions at times.

The Caribbean island has almost 1 million square miles of the Caribbean sea, which allows most of the region to have ideal tropical weather.


If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean and you have no idea about the Hurricane, do not panic, generally, it has been made known that the time to avoid is the hurricane period. The hurricanes usually start around 1 June and 30th November. So if you have to be here by this period then you need to avoid someplace due to the climate.

But, it was confirmed that the time which you have great risk is a short period between the mid-august to early October.
Information gotten from the U.S National Weather Service, If you are determined to travel to the Caribbean at that time of the year then you have taken potential vacation time.

During the hurricanes season, the Atlantic runs from 1 June to about November 30, at this time you have lower rates and lower crowds around, and the risk at that time is slight, and you might have greater rewards.

The record has it that sometime around 2016 the Hurricane Matthew hit Jamaica and Cuba with winds of 150mph this was around the first few days of October.

Before embarking on your trip do well to always check the updates from the National Hurricane Center before and throughout your stay in the Caribbean.

The Division always keeps track and predicts the weather in the tropics and will issue warnings about the hurricane across the Atlantic Ocean up to 48 hours in advance, in other for people to take caution.


Source: pixabay .com/photos/caribbean-beach-caribbean-sea-1941529

Planning a vacation to the southern region you have less to worry about, the odds that your vacation will be interrupted is very low.
What you need to have in your mind is this, the southern Caribbean, have little experience of the dangerous storms that come with the hurricanes than most of the Atlantic “hurricane belt” through the central and eastern portions of the Caribbean, like Jamaica.
The southern island of the Caribbean is one of the safest places for a trip down the Caribbean.


Caribbean Hurricane Season
If you were not informed about the hurricane season before booking for a vacation down and you didn’t buy travel insurance, you don’t have to worry.

Here in Caribbean City, we have become experts at handling the impacts of storms. Johnson John Rose, a communications specialist for the Caribbean Tourism Organization said: “We know as soon as any system forms and have pretty accurate predictions as to ETAs”.
So the government and hotels keep a close watch on storms’ developments and have detailed activation plans that will enable them to evacuate guests or alternative means of providing shelter for their guests.

If in a case where the storm looks very serious, airlines and hotels allow their guests to reschedule or cancel bookings without any penalties. Please, whenever you book a trip to the Caribbean please do well to ask about policies and if you see that there will be trouble then you ask about your options.

There are cases where the storm increases and the guest satisfaction level as well increases, we are made aware of such cases this statement was made by Comito of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association.
The guests are well taken care of.

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