Top Places To Visit In England


I don’t want to be sentimental about my judgment but to my discrepancies, England is one of the best countries to explore when you are confused about choosing a vacation location. England is so beautiful that I must say you really need to explore, it has stunning villages in the Cotswolds, rolling hills, Yorkville where you find historic castles and awesomeness of Lake District.

There are lots of cities that you might have at the back of your mind when visiting England. Each of these cities has its uniqueness and something that they stand out for, some of these cities are known for historic, some are tiny, one or two of these cities are the global cities that seem to have everything. I don’t think there is any fun that you and your family will not get from any of these cities in England.
So here are the exceptional cities that you want to know about and visit in England.

Tower Of London

Tower Of London
I guess you should be familiar with the name, this one of the most iconic historic cities in England and also to the world at large. This city was the lead actor in some of the most momentous event that has taken place in British history.
The Tower of London was built as a royal palace and it is used as a defense system, it was the main function of the Military stronghold of the Tower and this didn’t change until the late 19th Century.
The Tower of London is one of the most visited sites in London it has lots of attraction centers which attracts tourist from far it has a history of over a thousand years that you and your family might want to see because this tower was also a royal residence, also include prisons and lots more. This site is still visited by lots of prominent figures in the world.



Bristol city is not just any location that will just cross your mind when you are thinking about a city to spend your holiday with your family.

Bristol city is a county located in the South West of England and Bristol City is one of the sixth most popular cities with about 400,000 people living in it.
For the few who have visited there can attest that Bristol has a nice culture and a very vibrant attraction that draws foreigners down.

This one of the few cities that take their environment as a priority, it is one of the best recycling city in England and the only city in England that has been awarded the award of “European Green Capital” for 2015.

There are areas in Bristol that will leave you so excited, you have places like Stokes Croft, it is filled with cool vintage stores, nice independent cafes, interesting arts on streets side and bars, then the brasseries and home of the famous Suspension bridge in Clifton. There are lots and more you might want to explore in Bristol.

Bristol is a city that loves creativity, and of such, they have a lot of creative artworks hanging all over the city, most art galleries are open apart from the classic galleries like Arnolfini and classic museums such as Mashed on the harbourside. So for the lovers of artworks, there are more to see around Bristol and also do.



Surely, you must get a little gist about this beautiful city. Cambridge is famed internationally due to its world-class University. This university was founded in the 12th Century, that Cambridge has a very nice and rich academic history, some of the great men and women lived and even studied here at Cambridge University. With some stunning colleges like King’s College, Queen’s College, and Trinity College.

Also, a nice colorful market with candy-striped awnings in a very superb arena and this market is open for 7days a week.

Cambridge is known for a list of wonderful museums that you can’t just pass by without have a glance at some of them.



Oxford city is one of the cities that gives London a fight on the most popular city in London, with one of the well known University, The Oxford University and it has a magnificent history
In all of England, Oxford is known for the most amazing medieval architectural masterpieces. And it has a nice delicate combination of modernity and its atmosphere.

I envy you going to Oxford: it is the most flower-like time of one’s life.

Source: Letter to Louis Wilkinson in 1898 by Oscar Wilde

Oxford city is one of the few cities that gives its visitors a free tour around its city which means even though you don’t have an idea of where to have a nice time out, Oxford has a company that will help you out called Footprint tours. This company makes use of students to give free tours to tourists. So you will have a free tour around all because of the student. Oxford also has popular movies that were shot there such as (Harry Potter) so all you need is to get the location and head straight to have a view of the site yourself.



Manchester is a very popular city in England and it is known for a lot. Manchester is the home of two great football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, Taking a tour around to watch this teams play will be a lot of fun, after all the great works and fan base that Manchester have created due to the success Manchester United got under Sir Alex Ferguson, while Pep Guardiola’s the present Manchester City manager is currently producing football thought of as some of the best on the globe. not only that industrial development has created centuries of progress.
Manchester have a great history for music and forever it will be known for that, they have great bands that were thriving in the late 80s and early 90s such as The Stone Roses and Happy Monday and The Smiths and Oasis this were arguably one of the biggest music export in the area.

Manchester has a lot in stock for their tourists from a nice shopping center to their amazing theatre not to talk about their architecture, nice food, museums, and art galleries, without much anticipation, Manchester is a nice ground for you to tour around on your next vacation.

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