Top 20 Cities to You Should Visit In Canada


Canada has a great number of cities which you don’t know about, maybe because Canada doesn’t know how to compliment or brag about there cities. Canada due to its fabulous natural resources and environment provides tourists with a welcoming site into Canada.

Canada is a very peaceful and are known for there beauty, their fun atmosphere I advise tourists to try out some of this city in Canada. But if you doubt which cities to visit right now, Here is a list of amazing cities that are in Canada.



This is one of the most visited cities in Canada with its natural attraction, Niagara Falls is known for its majestic Niagara Falls that continue to draw people yearly, it has looked like a discovery sight, and jostle for a prime view of Niagara’s three waterfalls—Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil.

This great wall of the waterfall is super amazing for the eyes and you can walk down the edges of this waterfall. This city has developed due to its influence from people and a carnival-style atmosphere has come to define this unique city.

Their city always has a huge crowd at some strategic time in the year so when visiting, I think during May or September is a better time to have a clear view of the city.



Cavendish has it all! It is centrally located on the North Shore of the Island, nestled between North Rustico and Stanley Bridge. It has some amazing activities you don’t need to miss, firstly world-class golf, amusement parks, beautiful beach, shops and is a haven for Anne of Green Gables fans.




This is one of the best cities in the world and it’s very accommodation when it comes to living, it might interest you to know that Vancouver has been voted as the 2nd best city in the world. One thing which is the main reason that Vancouver is very famous it is because of it’s physical beauty and also has a large landscape that stands out with a nice playground and also a nice avenue for tourist to swim at the oceans.

The city is also surrounded by blue seas and snow-capped mountains. This city is between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains in British Columbia, The third biggest metropolitan territory in the nation, Vancouver is a standout amongst the most prevalent cities to visit in Canada.

Vancouver is blessed with the most famous landmark which is Stanley Park, Located at the Downtown Vancouver peninsula and covering over 400 hectares (1000 acres) this park attracts lost of tourist and even locals with multiple attractions, with a nice pathway meant for biking, cycling, and walking way that allows you see the    rugged coastline.



Banff National Park was founded in 1885, Banff National Park is not only Canada’s oldest national park but it is also one of the largest and most visited parks in Canada, it is located at the region of Alberta, Around the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park has an abundant wildlife an ethereally colored glacial lakes with its snow-capped mountains.

There are lots of activities that go on in Banff National Park, there is a lake called Lake Louise is a glacial lake in the Canadian Rockies which sits at an elevation of 200 vertical feet above the valley floor.

It is nicknamed ‘The Lake of the Little Fishes’ by the Stoney Natoka First Nations, it was given that name after Princess Louise, a daughter of Queen Victoria and wife of Governor-General of Canada, Marquess of Lorne.



Montreal is a well-known city in Canada and it’s known for it French-speaking ability, it is the one of the biggest French-speaking city after Paris, Montreal is a very big city that is even to the capital city of Canada, Toronto.

Montreal is a city with climate conditions that you might want to know about, you might want to find out about the environment before embarking there for a journey.

It has a winter that is so cold that people there take refuge at times for months in the underground city a network of tunnels that are made beneath the downtown, and when it comes to summer you are very hot and left in constant heat. For a nice timeout here in Montreal you should target spring trip when you can view the Montreal Echinacea or autumn, you also get to see lovely colorful leaves and the fresh maple syrup.

Montreal is known for its art galleries; they highlight its arts and culture scene as a key feature. This art appears in streets throughout Montreal even residential areas.



Talking about Canada then you should be talking about Toronto, this is the largest and the most popular city in Canada and also it is countries financial center and has a very large population.

This is arguably the best city when you talk about Canada it is also known for its Toronto International Film Festival, the sky-high CN Tower, and major sports franchises like the Blue Jays, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Raptors.

Toronto has the countries major city museums, great shopping, and live theater in addition to all the urban refinery. Toronto has ready access to miles of Lake Ontario waterfront and the three rivers that intersect the city provide a respite by way of trails and parks.


Victoria is a great place to visit if you doubt where to visit for a vacation. Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, this is not a very big city so the main of the site attractions are on walkable distance in the city center. If you are planning on doing some activities like, enjoying pub meals, shopping brunching and exploring fascinating museums then Victoria British Columbia is one of the perfect places at which you should have in mind.

One interesting fact you should know, Victoria lies on Vancouver Island which means there are lots more fun around here like visiting the Tofino, which is known for being a storm watchers paradise and Canada surfing capital.

Vancouver Island is a good place for Cathedral Grove, Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park



Manitoba is either not being considered among the top tourist site, because it is not so popular, but if you are among those that judge and overlook a city because it is not popular you are making quite a bit mistake. But for those who have taken their time to consider visiting Manitoba, Most of them have already discovered why Manitoban pride abounds the attraction that makes it unique.

Manitoba was named one of Lonely Planet’s Best for travelers in 2019, then you have enough reasons to consider the adventure you are missing out. It is never too late to discover what all the fuss is about.

Manitoba is one of Canada province well known for its golden prairies, Hundred of thousand os lakes and its dramatic skies.

This city is not known but magical, there is more lake in Canada than any other country we have on planet earth, but surprising 100,000 of these lakes are in Manitoba.

It has a nice space that will allow you to feel solitude, it is over two the size of the United Kingdom but has a population of about 1.3million people while U.K. has over 65million people.



This is a city no one tourist has in mind. Not until you have discovered an amazing site that you are missing out if you have not gone to take a tour around.

It is a maritime province of Canada, it is a gem with one of the planets oldest Mountains, you will also discover the world’s longest wooden covered bridge that is found in the Hartland it was built in 1901, and since it has been New Brunswick national historic site.

Also, New Brunswick is known for stunning bays, famous rivers, and dunes. The city has lots of old history like the world’s oldest intact shark fossil, which is over 409-million years old it is seen near Atholville.



For the lovers of vegetations who knew that Regina is home to the ‘Green Bay Packers of Canada’ and Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan. One thing I found amazing in Regina is the fact that using public transit is advisable and less expensive and saves you money than owning a car. Now read this you will spend not less than $750 in using the Regina Bus system and they operate 23 bus routes in the city. But owning a car you know will cost you thousands of dollars to maintain and fuel yearly.

Regina has a strong tradition also in art and culture.  MacKenzie Art Gallery holds lots of exhibitions of contemporary and historical art from Saskatchewan, and in every part of Canada. It has more, as there make provisions for educational programs for people of all ages. The oldest continuously performing orchestra is The Regina Symphony Orchestra.



Hamilton is one of the oldest cities in the province with lots of fascinating historical heritage. It is found between the southern shores of Lake Ontario Niagara Escarpment. This city has many landmarks, has lots of beautiful architecture, incredible museums. In history, it is 15 National Historic Sites include Dundurn Castle, HMCS Haida, Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology and  Royal Botanical Gardens.

Hamilton houses the country’s largest flying air museum which is Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, it also features one of only two airworthy Lancaster bombers that are left in the world.

Hamilton has and gives access to conversion and recreation lands, cyclists, boaters, hikers and other superb outdoor adventure are best here in Hamilton because of its natural playground. At the Escarpment’s wooded trails are more than 100 wonderful waterfalls located. So visitors have in mind that is seeing a nice waterfall won’t be a problem as you have the West Harbour and the Beachfront. For families, nice attractions include Royal Botanical Gardens, African Lion Safari, and Wild Waterworks.



If you are considering a short trip over the weekend Kingston is a city that would not waste your time at all as there lots of recreational sites.

Kingston city is in Canada, and it is referred to as the “Limestone City”  main reason it is referred to as Limerick is due to a large number of grand 19th-century buildings built from limestone, the main one being the lakeside Kingston City Hall. So much history that is alongside the city of Kingston, it has enough landmarks, super museums, some abundant restaurants and pubs are located downtown.

Kingston’s City with a large number of 19th Century buildings, One of the best 19th Century buildings in Canada is Kington’s Hall which is still the national historic site, and the hall has remained the city’s administration and governing center.



Corner Brook is known all over the world as a popular tourist attraction center and it is one of the best places that give you lots of comfort in living, working and also establishing a business. The city is located on the western shores of Newfoundland, It is blessed with four seasons, with lots of friendly environment and people living around. With a spectacular ocean and mountain combination of scenery, Corner Brook is well known and it is over 60 years around the world as both a popular tourist attraction and one of the best places to live, work, and do business.

There is a three Bear view Mountain trail for a spectacular view that you will like to take a walk around in other to have a clear view of and also checking out the city and also the Bay and Blomidon Mountains When describing Corner Brook in the earlier years this section of trail features historical panels.




They are many attractions that tourists visiting will love and also like to see the vitality of the region. There many adventures here in St Anthony, you will experience there rich culture a growing town which they have built. St Anthony has a regional population of about 25,000, St Anthony referred to as the hub of the Great Northern Peninsula. This city is blessed with nature’s wonders, witness the majestic wonder of whales and iceberg, the rugged ocean, St Anthony has a rich history.

There so many region around St Anthony with amazing attractions enough to bring in millions of tourist every year into the city to witness nice recreational activities, If you have not explored St Anthony on any occasion I think you are missing a whole lot as you have not discovered what the Northern Tip of Newfoundland offers to those other tourists who have already visited the area.  And also St Anthony has nice food, recreational activities that are so awesome, festivals nice views like watching of the vast wilderness, mystical rugged ocean coastlines and more.



Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. It is situated in the center of the Nova east coast, the city is the largest urban area in Atlantic Canada, and its weather is highly influenced by the ocean. But in times of winter, they are very mild and summer is a bit cool. Not minding the weather, as tourists there are lots of activities that will occupy your time here in Halifax.

Halifax has a very nice natural taste, from their lovely sandy beaches to their beautiful gardens with lots of singing from the birds, hiking, and beachcombing. There are lots more which will fulfill your eyes with, such things as live theater, nice art galleries, amazing museums, and also a nightlife that comes with brewpubs and great culinary scenes. One thing I love this city is it is very affordable for living and not only that it is very open for tourists from far and near countries and provides a mix of Canadian history and modern living.

This has all the qualities of a big urban city but it is a small town with much of the famous maritime region for people’s hospitality.



Edmonton is a city that is found in the province of Alberta, Edmonton is located around the North Saskatchewan River, about 220 kilometers northeast of the Rocky Mountains. Edmonton city is found around the boundary between the prairies and the boreal forest, Edmonton has a beautiful and diverse landscape. And a nice view of the river that runs through the city from the North Saskatchewan River, The city of Edmonton is the most northerly in entire North America, it has a total population of over one million people. It is the second city that Is located in Alberta after the first Calgary and though Edmonton is the provincial Capital.


If you are a tourist planning for a trip and you are a lover of natural beauty I thin you have finally gotten to your destination, because Thompson, Manitoba, is the place to be as a lover of nature

Thompson is located in Canada, one of Vale northernmost locations in Canada, it is over 830 kilometers north of the Canada-U.S. and also 740 kilometers north of the province’s capital, Winnipeg. Thompson is located with a ruggedly beautiful Canadian Shield, with beautiful lakes and forests on all sides. The city is known for a short and warm summer, and residents around make use of the advantage of the weather for outdoor activities, like hunting, fishing, and camping.

But there is also lots of winters around and resident embrace the weather. With their snowmobiling or sledding on trails and lots of lakes around residential areas. There are always lots of Cross country skiting activities when it gets to this season, even skating and ice fishing and many more other popular pastimes.

Thompson is known as “the Hub of the North,” the city was named after John F. Thompson, who was the chairman of our company when the Thompson ore body was discovered in 1956.

A total of about 900 people work at Vale in Thompson, it is the headquarters of our Manitoba Operations.


Are you living in Duncan city or tourists or someone new in the city looking for someplace to get awesome pleasure for you and your family, Duncan city has lots of activities and places full of attractions you need to explore.

Duncan as a city was incorporated in 1912 and it has become the service center for valley industries not only that agriculture also and lumbering. Duncan has a lot of industries based on producing the natural resources that were found years ago which is Copper.

Duncan is internationally known as the “City of Totem”. With nice weather retired men and women love it and want to come to take a pleasurable rest.

It is in the record that this city is the smallest in all of Canada, so in developing they find it easy and people over Duncan have a nice environment for farming. Duncan is a must-visit site for tourist to see nice valleys, green environment, nice industries that surround the city.


Calgary is a major urban city, it is a place where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet and Calgary sits in the sunny eastern foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. The city is a center for the entire southern half and it is the also a province of Alberta, The city of Calgary is surrounded by so much beauty also with an unspoiled, the city is blessed with resource and natural environment

I guess you don’t know that the city of Calgary is situated in the position of the 5th most liveable city in the world. But in 2018 the city has been moved to the position of 4th most liveable city in the world. The city is not large and so it has little population density.

Calgary has quality housing in abundance and high life. The city is a high mountain city and a very dry climate-related to altitude. The temperature isn’t hard when comparing to some cities in Canada.



Millions of guest are always transported to a winter wonderland here in Burnaby at the local village museums during the festive periods, it is the biggest annual holiday celebration that is held in Burnaby, Metro Vancouver

There lots of High-quality vendors and artisans who always create a huge staple of the Deer Lake Craft Festival.

Yearly there are super activities that are held here in Burnaby and lots of fun are there to be enjoyed by families and single tourists. Plan a trip down to Burnaby to enjoy lots of cultural displays and see lots of amazing sites.

There is also an online interactive collaboration in the city known as Heritage Burnaby it represents all of the community assets, heritage services and historic collections managed by the City of Burnaby.


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