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Which Hawaii Island Is The Best?

A lot of my friends who have taken time to tour around the nice islands In Hawaii and they are really finding it difficult to tell which Hawaii island is the best and more comfortable recommending for a new tourist who just wants the best for his visit.

Yeah, it is quite a difficult task to choose among the awesome islands that are around Hawaii, as the country has lots of amazing uniqueness in the different of this island located around Hawaii.

We are going to look at some of the awesome islands that are located in Hawaii. And let you decide which the best is. That you might want to consider when planning a trip down.

Here are some of the islands Check out which Hawaiian island is the best?



Which Hawaii Island Is The Best

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Talking about this island, it is the best when it comes to the selection of cultural and historical sites around the islands, Oahu is known for its wonderful museums, a nice atmosphere that comes with hustle and bustle of city life. If you are the kind of person who enjoys a very large city then Oahu is a nice place as it has a nice accommodating environment, nice apartments, and dining.

Oahu is a nice site for water sports, and the beaches are really looking pleasing. The city is nicknamed “Gathering Place” and it lives to the name. Oahu is not only like a garner city but also the most populous island and many tourists who have visited here have kept on saying that the island is a perfect representation of a paradise on earth.

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Now you might be wondering after I said that here is a city, so that means I will have to find the perfect please that I will find pleasure or enjoy, but there is something I have to tell, nearly everywhere in the Oahu Island is worth spending time.



which hawaiian island is the best

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A lot of people called this Island Maui no ka oi which actually means “Maui is the best”. Whether you want to believe it or not Maui is one of the awesome islands that you don’t want to miss out on your next vacation.

Maui is at a very fine location for all visitors, it is seen in the middle ground between the big cities on Oahu, I have learned about newly couples that choose to spend their honeymoon here in the island of Maui because it is very accommodating and it allows a lot of love attraction.

Maui has one of the world’s premier driving attraction, named the Hana Highway and Haleakala, There are lots of amazing activities that are incredible for you to see, things like Hawaii’s National parks.

People from golfers to windsurfers find lots of adventure on Maui and I’m sure visiting will not be a waste of time.
Maui is nicknamed “Valley Isle”, you don’t need to ask much when you plan your trip here you will see the reason the island is being nicknamed “valley Isle”.


Hawaii Big Island

which island is the best in hawaii

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I won’t blame you if you have been hearing about this island a lot and you have been thinking about it, yeah it is the favorites to thousands of tourist.

For some reason this island is the most diverse of all Hawaii islands, one fact you might notice is the fact that the island is big when I am talking about big am talking about when you combine all the islands in Hawaii that kind of big. So it as big as al the island put together.

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This island has all you might want as a tourist, from barren grasslands to lava fields to snow-capped mountains and even lush jungle, you get all this on the Big Island.

There lots of interesting shows that are put up here like Kilauea who often put some for visitors where lava enters the ocean.

The big island have a nice Volcano area which is great for birdwatching, it has lots of world-class resort on Kohala (Gold) Coast.



which hawaiian island is the best to visit

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Now this island is for those of us and families that love lots of green thing or rather are vegetarian, even you are a lover of nature, the door is very open for you to come in, Kauai is an island that offers visitors a lot of eye-pleasing sights as it has a setting more of a paradise.

This is one of the major and one of the oldest islands in Hawaii and with beautiful looks and green adventure to keep you busy, it was nicknamed, “Garden Isle”.

Not only is it the oldest island here in Hawaii it is also a place that houses a lot of world’s best beaches, but beautiful flora and fauna are also found around the island.

I know since it Is called an island you will be thinking that most of you movement around here might be on water, but funny enough, there are lots of places in the Island can be reached by cars, what we called the best hiking trail are offered by Kauai in Hawaii; starting with the beautiful trails on the Napali coast to a hike inland at a great sight.

For love birds, this is a more romantic island definitely it is, there is pleasant weather that suits the green leaves around the gardens all around which means there is a lot of raindrops. Not to worry about the raindrops here in Kaui, the island has a lot of fun and a reason you need to visit here and see a lot of attraction centers and display of nice their culture.

Kaui known as the Garden Isle is home to Waimea Canyon, which Mark Twain the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Now there is no doubt that there is more to explore around the islands of Hawaii because they all amazing places to be, for me I love a lot of green areas also a romantic place that is best for couples, I have a doubt on it will be nice.

I can’t tell which island is the best in Hawaii right now, so I will leave that for you to answer after, your tour around, you can tell which of the cities is best for you.

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